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This is a unique online “teacher’s training” course as very few online educational courses address this aspect of English teaching. We have completed 3 batches of live 6 week sessions on Zoom so far, attended by over 600 teachers. The courses have met with unprecedented success, testimonials of which can be seen on our website. We are now offering the same sessions online for those who want to do it at their own pace and time.

Testimonials –

“I enjoyed the learning. I wish some teacher had taught me all this when I was in school. Not an English honours person, I am learning about some of these details now. Very well organised and carefully curated information and concepts brought to us in the lucid manner that is quintessentially Mrs Pandit. Thank you for the clarity” Sushmita Ganguly, Headmistress, Cathedral & John Connon School

“Absolutely astonishing. I have attended 100s of workshops in my life, none is as systematised as yours. I would rate you as number one teacher in the world”.Hema J Chandra, Authorised Jolly Phonics Trainer with Jolly Learning ,UK. Principal director with Word Masti Phonics & Grammar Institute. 

“I am truly enjoying the training. It gets me thinking differently. The assignments are an eye opener in a good way. I find the assignments challenging and motivating. An amazing learning experience that goes beyond my wildest expectation of what an online workshop could be.”Sandhya Malik, The Shri Ram School, Delhi

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Course Content

The course has 6 modules, each module lasting 1.5 hours, with the Course Director, Usha Pandit. These are pre-recorded sessions to which you have unlimited access for 4 months from your date of joining that allows you to watch and learn from the videos as many times as you need to.

After each module there is a small MCQ test which on completion allows you to enter the next module. We have also provided you with answers to these tests and explanations on why answers were right or wrong, as the case may be.

Who is it for? 

This course is for all primary teachers, subject coordinators, teachers of creative writing and English HODs who want to learn how to teach their students grades 2 – 5 for holistic skills in writing. Home schooling parents are also welcome.

Teachers Community

We are also offering you a free community group on a platform that will allow you to interact with other teachers doing the course. Questions, doubts, sharing of blogs and textual content, classroom practices and ideas will provide you with the support and collaboration of others in the course to share your journey with. We will also arrange mentors to speak to you from time to time and announce these on the community page.


 On completion of the course, you will be eligible for the Participation Certificate and transcript of the course. Your access to videos will be terminated in 4 months so it is necessary for you to complete the course in this time.  

 As there are teachers of various grades amongst you, please adapt the content to suit your students.  A brief outline of the six papers for Primary Teachers and list of Pre-Readings are given in the Annexure.

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Helpline Number 810 478 3119

Course Content

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SESSION 1: The bare bones and tools of creative writing
SESSION 2: Writing effective description
SESSION 3: Writing fiction
SESSION 4: Writing non-fiction
SESSION 5: Autobiography and letter writing
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